MICOPEIA's February Calendar 


Important Dates for MICOPEIA in February 2023

FEBRUARY 05 February's MONTHLY RESTOCK DATE. Products that will be available (limited quantities only):

  • MICOPEIA's Tea Sampler & Gift Set
  • Three Minds Reset Tea
  • Reishi Kidney Support Tea
  • Iron & Liver Support Tea
  • Elderberry Immune Support Tea
  • Astral Dream Sleep Support Tea
  • Menopause Support Tea
  • Female Hormone Balance Tea
  • Fibroid Relief Tea
  • Thyme for Lung Support
  • Massey Method Detox 
  • Ashwagandha Root
  • Astragalus
  • Lemon Balm
  • Turkey Tail
  • Lion's Mane Extraction Tincture PRESALE (order now to be shipped with March 2023 product drop)
  • Michigan Chaga Double Extraction Tincture PRESALE (order now to be shipped with March 2023 product drop)


FEBRUARY 19Massey Method DETOX CLEANSE LIVE Support Session. Part 1. Exclusive to members of MICOPEIA's THNIK TANK on Facebook.

FEBRUARY 26 | Massey Method DETOX CLEANSE LIVE Support Session. Part 2. Exclusive to members of MICOPEIA's THNIK TANK on Facebook.


MICOPEIA's YouTube Channel 

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Through MICOPEIA’s THINK TANK on Facebook, we can intimately converse with each other, support each other on our wellness journey's and even make new friendships with like-minded folk from another part of the world! Unlike @MICOPEIA on Instagram/TikTok/Twitter, through this group on Facebook, we can build conversations in the THINK TANK, and this is PERFECT for those who have questions to ask and/or insights to share. Also - MICOPEIA can gift you with discounts, access to product drops before they go public, you can ask questions and YOU can have an active role in the community voice behind MICOPEIA!

BUT WAIT - Shhhh! This is a private community! In order to be granted entry into the group, you will have to provide us with your previous MICOPEIA order number(s) and/or the monthly password that's exclusively shared in the MICOPEIA newsletter!

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MICOPEIA.com's Online Courses 

 Each course created by MICOPEIA's Founder, Rashon A. Massey, all in-depth online courses are presented in HD-video WITH immersive written content. Courses are made up of individual lessons which can be taken at your own pace, from wherever you may be, whenever you want, as many times as you'd like.


1-on-1 Consultations, Coaching & Herbalism Mentorships 

Whether you're seeking a 1-on-1 consultation, dedicated support and attention to address concerns around nutrition or if you're wanting to learn how to become a confident herbalist for yourself, home and/or community, MICOPEIA's FounderRashon A. Massey, is here to SUPPORT YOU! 

Please visit MICOPEIA's Consults & Coaching page. There, you will find detailed information about the various types of 1-on-1 consultations and coaching sessions that Rashon is currently offering.