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"Here at MICOPEIA, as an herbalist, my goal is to provide information, resources, suggestions and guidance that you can absorb and/or choose to incorporate within your wellness routine. If you have any questions about your health and/or the health of a loved one, consider a consultation with a MICOPEIA approved wellness professional.

Using various healing modalities, our small team of wellness professionals will work together to address your questions and concerns, before developing a custom wellness plan that may further help restore balance to your body. 

Consultations are available in-person, over the phone and/or via internet-services including but not limited to email, Google Video, Skype, as well as several other options.

If you would like a personalized herbal consultation or formulation, please send us an email! MICOPEIA@Yahoo.com!"

Remember - Be Good to Yourself!

-Rashon A. Massey