At MICOPEIA, we do NOT use any conventionally grown herbs in our products! 

We believe in supporting the organic movement, keeping conscious considerations behind sourcing sustainably wild-harvested plants, herbs and mushrooms, to make sure that we are offering our community the best all natural and organic wellness and body care items possible.


Yes - in your name and honor, for every MICOPEIA product that you buy, we will plant a tree in the United States of America. 

MICOPEIA has launched a partnership with the global non-profit foundation One Tree Planted! For every MICOPEIA product sold, a tree will be planted in the United States of America. Fulfilling our promise to give back to the lands in which our sustainable farmers both wild-harvest and/or raise the certified organic herbs that we use within our products, this monumental partnership truly marks a turning point in both MICOPEIA's business practices and production efforts, and we couldn't be more grateful to engage each customer along the way! 

Your purchase today supports reforestation projects that rebuild forests after natural disasters and deforestation. This doesn't just benefit nature and the climate, it directly impacts the people living in the affected areas, by providing both jobs for social impact and restoring biodiversity. After your purchase, you’ll receive tree certificates/awards, and you get to help decide where your trees get planted in the United States.

ZERO WASTE & CARBON NEUTRAL BY 2023 - MICOPEIA's Pledge to Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, event, organization, service, or product, expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent. - Thanks wikipedia!

What all accounts into MICOPEIA’s carbon footprint?

Electricity usage, heating fuels, company travel and even the shipping distances for our supplies all factor into MICOPEIA’s carbon footprint.

What is MICOPEIA’s current carbon footprint?

Since MICOPEIA is still growing and scaling in size, production needs and facilities, throughout 2021 and 2022, MICOPEIA will be assessing both our carbon footprint and waste impact, in order to become zero waste and carbon neutral by 2023! This means that we will be running internal audits of our billing/purchasing statements, shipping receipts, utility bills and travel schedules, to average and determine our yearly carbon footprint; however, we don't need to wait until 2023, to start making a difference! MICOPEIA has launched a partnership with the non-profit One Tree Planted! For every MICOPEIA product sold, a tree will be planted in the United States of America! Witness the positive environmental impact that each product you purchase from MICOPEIA has on our environment by clicking here, to learn more about the MICOPEIA x One Tree Planted partnership! 

Even before expanding our production efforts into licensed commercial kitchens, since our Founder began formulating products from his small space in 2016, MICOPEIA has built a vast network of growing partnerships with independent and family farmers, wild harvesters and forgers and small farm group collectives who lead with sustainable practices. In an conscious effort to support the actions of as many thriving small businesses and business owners who put American businesses and families first, we are proud to be part of the new era of small business ownership in the USA!

All of the herbs used in MICOPEIA’s products have been sourced from farmers, company’s and wild forgers who lead with sustainable practices.

Prior to arriving at MICOPEIA, each batch of herbs, mushrooms and/or ingredients has been tested, evaluated and inspected for quality assurance.

With the exception of the rare Cordyceps mushroom that must be sustainably farmed indoors to meet demand, all of our mushrooms are sustainably wild-harvested directly from the wooded outdoor landscapes sprawling across the United States. 

From our 1oz brown tincture bottles and pouches to our iconic, signature hand-stamped brown paper bags, every product container, label and piece of promotional material distributed and/or sold by MICOPEIA is completely recyclable and/or reusable!

Product Packaging List - .5 oz, 1 oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 64oz & 128oz clear and amber jars and containers (completely recyclable and resuable)

Product Labels - Printed on eco-friendly and safe materials

Product Pouches for Tinctures, Teas, Edible Foods - Recyclable

Product Droppers - Recyclable and reusable

Cardboard and Kraft Brown Product Boxes for Beverages, Bundles and Gift Sets - Recyclable and Reusable

MICOPEIA’s branded packaging tape is 100% recycled and reutable, making it an environmentally-friendly solution. Because water-activated tape is biodegradable, it does not contribute to pollution or waste.

MICOPEIA exclusively ships all of our products via the United States Postal Service. As a Made in America brand, our commitment towards the longstanding services of the United States Postal Service remain at the top of our priorities. Many individuals are not aware, but even private shipping services like UPS, Amazon, DHL and FedEx still rely heavily upon the United States Postal Service’s accessibilities and services, providing them with access to housing, citizens and small businesses that are often being forgotten as the United States experiences natural growth.

When we support the USPS, we are supporting generations of jobs and communities that deserve access to our premium and affordable wellness and skin care products; moreover, we are able to reduce our dependance on paper-based shipping products, utilizing the United States Postal Service’s branded Priority Mail shipping materials. Simply by supporting the USPS and using their branded Priority Mail boxes, we are able to offer both the fastest and most cost-efficient method of shipping to our customers and community members.