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Resurrection Plant / Rose of Jericho (Small)

Resurrection Plant / Rose of Jericho (Small)

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The Resurrection Plant, also known as the Jericho Flower and/or Rose of Jericho, has been used for herbal, gardening and spiritual purposes in various cultures for centuries! This is for a Small Size Rose of Jericho plant (smaller than the size of a kiwi-fruit). For the larger plants, click here.

These are Wild Harvested, Non-GMO, organic plants that can be used as herbs. This is important as you may find this plant at gardening stores or in other small business shops, but those are likely grown with pesticides and not intended for human consumption. These plants are SAFE and directly from the natural outdoors! You can both grow this plant and use it within your herbal tea blends!

Following your purchase, you will receive access to download an exclusive, detailed document prepared by MICOPEIA's Founder, walking you through the history of the Rose of Jericho flower, in addition to clear instructions for using and caring for your sacred plant. 

The Resurrection Plant has a long history of use in various spiritual and cultural practices around the world. The plant is believed to have powerful properties that can help with spiritual cleansing, protection, and renewal. It has been used to support respiratory health, digestive and urinary health, while also easing pain associated with childbirth (this stems from its use in Ancient Egypt). 

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