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“Teas, Herbs, Mushrooms & Mindfulness” Club! | Monthly Limited Edition Moon Tonics

“Teas, Herbs, Mushrooms & Mindfulness” Club! | Monthly Limited Edition Moon Tonics

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About MICOPEIA’s “Teas, Herbs, Mushrooms & Mindfulness” Club | Every month, I invite you to take a deeper dive into the world of herbalism via MICOPEIA’s new “Teas, Herbs, Mushrooms & Mindfulness” Club! Open to a very small number, each month, members will receive a MICOPEIA Limited Edition Moon Tonic, as an offering of premium herbal wellness for your monthly and seasonal needs.

In an exciting new extension into the practice of mindfulness (SLOWING DOWN, BEING STILL and just allowing ourselves to be overcome with gratitude), MICOPEIA will be offering members supplemental education about the herbs used in the Limited Edition Moon Tonic and their medicinal effects. I feel this will be an exciting new chapter for the MICOPEIA Family Members seeking to further invest into both their own wellness and journey towards becoming a confident herbalist to others.

-Rashon A. Massey, Founder, MICOPEIA


Moon Tonic Preparation Date: December 25, 2019 (NEW MOON); Moon Tonic Bottling Date: February 09, 2020 | Moon Tonic Shipment Date: Monday, February 10, 2020


FEBRUARY 2020 Club Members will receive MICOPEIA's NEW "Lion's Mane & Reishi: Limited Edition Moon Tonic"!

Combined in a double-extraction formulaltion, MICOPEIA’s “Teas, Herbs, Mushrooms & Mindfulness” Club Members will receive this month’s Limited Edition Moon Tonic – a 1 fl ounce “Lion’s Mane & Reishi: Limited Edition Moon Tonic" tincture! Two of the very best mushrooms that we can consume for our mental health, members will once again receive THMM Newsletters that will further explore the active ingredients in the mushrooms, why I chose to combine the two mushrooms into a singular formulation and a specific guided meditation that was passed to me via my mentor, the late Bill Brevoort and his dear friend and Buddhist monk, the late Honorable Venerable Master Hsuan Hua.

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