An Introduction to MICOPEIA's Medicinal Mushrooms and Psilocybin

An Introduction to MICOPEIA's Medicinal Mushrooms and Psilocybin

So you want to learn more about mushrooms? Well – let us start with the five core mushrooms to MICOPEIA’s product line, before diving into some of the history behind "magic" mushrooms:


Reishi – Great for heart and circulatory health, Reishi has been used to help boost the immune system and reduce stress throughout the body. Literally, it can help in oxidative stress. Individuals with high blood pressure have been known to find benefits with Reishi. 

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Lion’s Mane – It’s all in your mind, and Lion’s Mane has been known to stimulate and improve cognitive function. Potentially a fighter against dementia, Lion’s Mane further helps our body respond to stress and inflammation. I absolutely adore Lion’s Mane for my overall mental health!

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Chaga – This mushroom and I go way back, like babies and pacifiers! It takes like 7-10 years for this mushroom to grow on birch trees. Chaga is rich in polysaccharides beta-glucans, helping to reduce those free radicals roaming around in our body. Free radicals come from pollutants, chemicals in food, water…all sorts of things. They’re exactly what they sound like – free radicals going to town on your body. NOT TODAY, SATAN! With Chaga, our body becomes the birch tree, allowing this mushroom to act as a wonderful immune supporter, helping us ward of harmful viruses and pathogens. Chaga is known as black gold to some, further helping to lower blood pressure levels too. 

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Turkey Tail - Turkey Tail mushrooms have been known to improve gut health, while both supporting the immune system and helping to eliminate free radicals from the body.

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Cordyceps - Cordyceps mushrooms may help to effectively protect liver and kidney function, while potentially improving both exercise performance and overall wellness.

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Now if you’re wondering about those…”other” kinds of mushrooms…say…MAGIC MUSHROOMS…well, check out some backstory.


Many people don’t know this, but in America, a Mexican medicine woman named Maria Sabina is largely responsible for being the figure who effectively put the United States on to the spiritual, healing and psychedelic properties of psilocybin mushrooms.

Sure, psilocybin mushrooms have been consumed for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until after a J.P. Morgan VP made a 1955 trip to Mexico with a photographer to have a ceremony with the Mazatec curandera (medicine woman) did the mushroom become popular pop culture fodder. “Seeking the Magic Mushroom” was the name of the 1957 article in Life magazine, and as you can guess, a whole ass swarm of American’s flocked south, on a quest to find this woman and the mushroom spirit in psilocybin.

Over the course of his visits, Wasson (the J.P. Morgan VP) witnessed nine ceremonies performed by Maria Sabina, even bringing along famous French mycologist Roger Heim on a trip. Roger was able to identify the mushroom, sending samples along to the legendary Swiss chemist who is responsible for synthesizing LSD – Albert Hoffman. Hoffman would go on to isolate the chemical structure of psilocybin to distribute to researchers around the world, and in 1960, a young psychologist by the name of Dr. Timothy Leary (you MAY have heard of him) traveled to Mexico, purchased some psilocybin mushrooms and chose to skip the ceremony and experience them on his own.

Today, across the United States, psilocybin is becoming more accepted and even legal; however, the connection to the spiritual practices and ceremonies seem to be fading, with a focus moreso on the individual’s spiritual journey and place in life, allowing those factors to rule when determining the circumstances by which they partake in consuming psilocybin mushrooms.  


MICOPEIA’s Favorite Mycologists, Mushroom Enthusiasts & Mushroom-Related Links!


Detroit Mushroom Co. Since 2012, these cats have been serving up some of the finest, prize-winning gourmet mushrooms that our great State of Michigan has to offer! I’m talking Blue Oyster, White Oyster, Chestnuts, Lion’s Mane, Reishi and I’m sure more.  What I really love about this team is that they’re also making At-Home Mushroom Grow Kits available for budding enthusiasts via Michigan Mushroom Co. As I’ve been wanting to switch over to both in-house grown and wild harvested mushrooms, allowing for the expansion of MICOPEIA’s product offerings and batch sizes, while not compromising quality, I’m looking forward to working with Detroit Mushroom Co.’s Grow Your Own Lion’s Mane and Reishi Mushroom Kits this Spring and Summer!

Instagram: @DetroitMushroom


Anna Sitkoff  Anna has to be my favorite person studying, researching and educating others on the potential medicinal benefits of mushrooms, with a focus on the wild mushrooms readily available in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I met Anna through Dandelion Botanical in Seattle, WA, and I highly encourage you to follow and support both her and the amazing team and inventory at Dandelion Botanicals.

Instagram: @Reishiandroses


Jason Scott  Jason is taking his love of mushrooms and alchemy to the next level! Affectionately known as the Feral Fungi on Instagram, I came across Jason while studying the ancient art of crafting spagyric tinctures. What I appreciate about Jason’s journey is his curiosity to innovate upon traditional extraction processes to produce extracts and tinctures.

Instagram: @FeralFungi


Paul Stamets He’s a mycologist, author, inventor, teacher and all around bad ass who has potentially thought of a patent-approved way of saving bees! His story is a very interesting and inspiring tale about how an accidental overdose on psilocybin mushrooms can seriously change your life for the better. Paul has become a leading voice in the world of mycology, having successfully been granted U.S. Patents surrounding his research work. These days, with the focus towards the importance of our immune health, the everyday person is becoming introduced to Paul via his mushroom product lines offered at health stores across the nation. If you want to just learn more about the vast potential of mushrooms, I certainly encourage you to take a listen/watch to this Joe Rogan podcast with Paul Stamets that has become rather popular. (link below)

Instagram: @PaulStamets



The Little Saints (film/documentary) by Oliver Quintanilla

Paul Stamets and Joe Rogan Podcast:

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