Our Story

MICOPEIA is an all natural and organic wellness and beauty product line, founded and formulated by community herbalist Rashon A. Massey. Building upon time-honored recipes and production processes that date back many generations, passed down to Rashon while studying under the tutelage of pioneer herbalists to help lessen the associated symptoms and inflammation resulting from his Schwannomatosis (a 1-in-400,000 condition where individuals develop non-malignant tumors on the linings of nerves), MICOPEIA launched for online sale in January '19, exclusively via MichiganPharmacopeia.com.

Handcrafting premium and affordable wellness and beauty care that’s convenient and reliable, right in the heart of Detroit, at MICOPEIA our products are a reflection of our heritage, and in a world that’s constantly changing, taking care of ourselves and each other is a tradition that shouldn’t have to be compromised.

Our Products

MICOPEIA prides ourselves on our one-of-a kind extraction process mastered by our founder, Rashon A. Massey, after spending time on The Big Island of Hawai'i  and learning a great deal under the blessed guidance and mentorship of two extraordinary souls who are no longer with us - the late, great Bill Breevort, a pioneer of Chinese herbal medicine, as well as Hawaiian-native and indomitable spirit, Kim "Ki'i" Nakamura, who will always be remembered as a loving and well-respected herbalist to the town of Hawi. Building upon their great works and so many of our ancestors before us, at MICOPEIA, we make sure that our extracts infuse for a minimum of three moon cycles (12+ weeks), to provide maximum health support. 

Our Founder : a Statement

I often like to think back to when I first started feeling chronic pain during my senior year of high school, and I thought my life was over. I remember my Dad telling me, “Son- maybe this is just a blessing waiting to happen.” 15 years later, and look at where I am, where I’ve been, and what I’ve accomplished.

When I was finally diagnosed with Schwannomatosis in 2016, I came up with a vision and business plan that would ultimately become MichiganPharmacopeia.com and the MICOPEIA product line. In just a few years, this lifelong personal journey has become a communal effort that has helped so many.

I was once 240+ pounds in high school, and never could I have imaged that my journey living with chronic pain resulting from a debilitating condition could inspire and help others in such meaningful ways! I've certainly learned that wellness is not something that is a one size fits all answer- it is a personal journey for each of us; for that reason, I thank you for choosing to incorporate MICOPEIA's handcrafted products into your wellness routine and please know that on behalf of the entire MICOPEIA team, we consider it both a tremendous honor and respect that you've chosen to do so.  

Remember - Be Good to Yourself!

Rashon A. Massey - Founder, MICOPEIA