I am on a mission to help people feel their best, and I need your help to make this happen! Even though I’ve been formulating products since 2016, MICOPEIA LLC didn’t launch until July 2019. Please join me as we celebrate MICOPEIA’s 3 year anniversary this month!

3 is a special number, and here at MICOPEIA, we have a goal to find 333 new customers, and this includes those old friends and family members of ours who have never made a purchase. Yes - a BIG goal, but most of our handcrafted, premium herbal wellness products at MICOPEIA.com are under $20 (even the tea sampler!), and after 3 years of consistent testimonials stating that some customers have been able to get off of their medications, I know that we can find more who are looking for natural relief and/or support addressing their high blood pressureDiabetes, lung health, insomnia, kidney and/or liver concerns, stress and anxietydepressionpsoriasis and dry skin and many more conditions!

Go ahead and gift somebody else some natural wellness, if you know they have health-related concerns, and find which products are for you/them, as all products are organized on the homepage by body systems/body parts (Nervous System, Digestive System, Respiratory System/Lung, etc). Yes - To help those new and existing customers more easily navigate our online store, you can now browse products organized by Body Systems/Functions that they may best support. You can find this organized table right on the homepage at MICOPEIA.com. We’ve also introduced bundled pricing for products with more than 5-10 units in stock! This means that when you purchase 2-4 units of the same item, you will receive 5% off your total, and when you purchase 5+ units of the same item, you’ll receive 10% Off. Bulk pricing is based on inventory availability, and not all products will qualify for this discount.

Finding 333 new customers is a mighty goal, and until we do, nearly EVERYTHING is discounted on MICOPEIA.com! Also - until we get 333 new customers, EVERY customer will get a free random sample of tea from MICOPEIA’s herbal tea sampler with their purchase and/or a coupon for up to $25 off their next purchase at MICOPEIA.com!

We’ve grown from social media pages with followers that were just my friends and family to a global network of customers who still feel like friends and family to me! MICOPEIA just crossed 58,000 followers on TikTok, and I know we can get to 100,000 so make sure that you share MICOPEIA.com with your friends and family too!

 Let’s help 333 individuals discover wellness that may truly help take their health to the next level!

 Thank you for your support, and I look forward to growing further with you all!


-Rashon Massey, Founder of MICOPEIA

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